Single Spindle Monitoring System

In present days, production monitoring in Ring frames has become mandatory for any textile spinning. Though this method monitors individual spindles, status of individual spindles like breaks, idle spindles, slipping spindles and rogue spindles are very essential to monitor, But instantaneous results helps mills to tackle the situation in absence of non-availability of technical supervisors and tough labour conditions and quality parameters.

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Architecture of Single Spindle Monitoring System
  • Latest technology of Data transfer.
  • Online display in LED monitors.
  • Easier and quicker installation
  • Proven technology for large and faster data transfer
Indications of Single Spindle Monitoring System
  • Red Lamps on both sides of the machine for higher breaks. Green Lamp for indicating machine doff status.
  • Very useful for operator to pay attention on machines immediately with higher breaks user configurable limits for No. Of end breaks limit for each machine.
Draft Monitoring in Single Spindle Monitoring System
  • Draft Monitoring sensors on both sides of the Ring frame to continuously monitor the draft rations
  • Effectively monitor draft variations
  • Easier to find out machines with wrong draft wheels
Power Monitoring in Single Spindle Monitoring System
  • Monitors the total power consumption by the ring frame along with other key parameters.
  • Measures active power (kW), Energy (kWh)and the power factor (Cos)
  • Very effective module to measure power related differences between machines.

Features at Glance

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. Install SARA ELGI single Spindle Monitoring Device with facility of having aerial vehicle incorporated to this system so that even ring frame siders just need to sit on the spin bike and the vehicle takes them to mend the broken ends.

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