Elgi Electric is a renowned name in the Industry, today with over 50 Years of experience the company has been providing engineering solutions for the Textile and Motor Industries. The ability to comprehend customer needs and to evolve customized solutions is what makes it stand apart. The company has always been in the forefront of technological advancements and has designed and developed products to suit the futuristic requirements of the industry.

ELGI Electric pioneered the concept of Automatic Over Head Traveling Cleaners (OHTC) in India. Technical tie-up with the world leaders in Germany (Festo, Jacobi & Welker) and ARGUS, USA has helped ELGI Electric adopt latest technologies and reinforce the image of ELGI Electric as Quality conscious manufacturer. Apart from this, the company’s product portfolio comprises of Yarn Conditioning Systems, Roving Bobbin Transport systems, Metal and Spark Diversion Systems, Centralised waste collection system, Pnumafil waste collection systems, etc. just to name few.

The company’s products are a testimony to its technological superiority. Small wonders then, over 50 million spindles spread across the globe, are spinning high quality yarn with Elgi Electric make OHTC and other products. The company offers customized solutions to every application. Be it spinning or weaving, its range has just the right product for every application.

No wonder, ELGI Electric’s customers have that extra competitive edge. Motor Division offers premium/high efficiency Electric motors, also offer AC/DC motors and Traction changing Point Machines to Indian Railways and world wide.

Elgi Electric is a corporate company and part of SARA ELGI Group having over Rs.700 crores annual turn over. Our Group companies include Super Spinning Mills (2 lakhs spindles), SARA ELGI Industries Limited, SARA ELGI Envirotech Limited, SARA ELGI Arteriors Limited, ELGI Building Products Limited and SARA R&D Limited.

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ELGI Electric strives to meet the modern business demands ethically. The people led skills, the initiatives taken by the Group and the team spirit helps ELGI Electric to march ahead in becoming a global leader.

Mr. Sumanth Ramamurthy Mr. Ravichandran

Core Attribute

  • Being Driven by Market Need
  • Staying Focused
  • Being True to processes that we have laid down
  • Being fair and ethical at all times
  • Through Team Work and goal congruence at all levels
  • Assessing its progress through the satisfaction of its clients
  • Determination, Passion & Integrity


The Elgi Electric strength is quality and performance of the product manufactured by them. It is an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company with exports more than 25 countries around the world.

quality-certificateQuality of final product is determined with sophisticated computerized testing facility. There are quality checks at every stage of manufacturing starting from raw materials supply.

At every stage of the manufacturing process, it is ensured that good quality products only move to the next stage. This assures the best quality output. Our idea is Meeting latest requirements of customers by anticipating the needs of the customer before customer expects it.

Research & Development

ELGI Electric is well equipped with an extensive Research and Development department headed by a Manager and supported by 5 Engineers to discover products with the futuristic features. Technology transfer from world leaders such as Festo, Germany (OHTC), Jacobi, Germany (OHTC), Welker, Germany (YCS) and ARGUS in USA ( Fire Protection Systems) has helped us to produce world class products and achieve the leadership in the textile industry. We with 50 Years of experience have provided solutions for the challenges ahead and ensure continued offering of new innovative and feature rich products to meet customer’s evolving needs.

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