Yarn Conditioning Systems (YCS)

Yarn Conditioning SystemsElgi Electric with over 50 years of experience in Textile Engineering brings you the state-of -the-art yarn conditioning system model PROFIX. The objective of yarn conditioning system is to restore the natural properties of yarn like moisture content and to improve the strength and elongation. The system adopts a unique design with the separate energy vessel outside the conditioning chamber for producing cold saturated steam. This ensures the vacuum level up to 95% in order to gain uniform moisture content in the yarn.

German Design ELGI PROFIX Yarn Conditioning System (YCS) incorporates latest features, World class performance standards and safety features. It is ideal for conditioning all kinds of yarn cotton, cotton mercerized, rayon, viscose blended wool, silk, polyester, acrylic in cop, cone and hank forms.

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Advantages of Yarn Conditioning

Spinning Mills

Increase in single yarn elongation and strength, constant co efficient of friction better hairiness value and free from electrostatic charges apart from weight gain

Weaving Mills

Improves fabric Softness, less fly generation and good size pick-up in sizing

Knitting Plant

Increase productivity due to less unwinding tension, fewer needle breakages and better performance in cloth formation.

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