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Humidification & Waste Collection System

Automatic Humidification System

The productivity of a textile unit mainly depends on how we maintain the required process parameters. We at SARA ELGI, provide efficient air management and waste management solutions with world class performance standards, helping our customers to achieve maximum productivity at an optimum power consumption.

With innovation and technology as our core competence, we offer solutions that work in any extreme climate from sizzling hot to freezing cold, our well designed waste collection system offer effective collection as well as compacting of waste and provides clean environment.

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Better design practices always ensures high performance and highly energy efficient plants. Our specifically formulated designs and standards will benefit mills with lowest running cost and higher productivity. World class equipments and its selection takes you to experience the higher level of comfort.

Advanced Automatic Control System measures and ensures accurate Rh% and temperature by sensors placed in the department and signal fed to the PLC Controller

  • Specially designed aluminium die-cast impeller
  • Impellers are statically and dynamically balanced.
  • Casing are made of heavy gauge steel sheet with base support frame for foot mounting of motor.
  • Superior finish to ensure corrosion free operation
  • High efficiency aerofoil design
  • Low dynamic pressure to ensure lesser system resistance
  • Adjustable vane design for optimum performance
  • Fan diameter 900mm – 1600mm to meet any requirement of air volume
  • High strength heavy duty UPVC piping
  • Superior finish internal piping which ensures high performance of the air washer system
  • Polycarbonate spray nozzles with S.S quick release clamps.
  • Static water filter, rotary water strainer options are available
  • Designed for achieving maximum saturation efficiency.
  • Designed for lesser system resistance
  • Designed to suit any extreme climatic conditions
  • Specially Designed Nozzles to achieve Best Performance
  • Corrosion Free Material for Longer Life
  • Accurate Rh% and temperature measured by sensor placed in the department and signal fed to the controller.
  • Controller controls operation of pump and operation of dampers with respect to the set temperature and department actual readings measured by sensors
  • Cut-in and cut-off parameters to control the operation of the plant and thereby saving power
  • All department controllers connected to a central monitoring system for better accessing of the plant and round-the-clock
    data recording
  • Specially designed analysis mechanism and easily accessible by mobile applications
  • International brand PLC system for accurate measurement, and better reliability

Automatic Waste Collection System

In the global environmental scenario, continuous waste collection systems are becoming an integral part of a spinning mill. A well designed WCS is an important factor in achieving high productivity and quality materials in the preparatory section.


The machinery waste exhaust air contains waste/dust particles of various size and needs to be filtered and waste has to be collected & compacted for further use. Dust / waste laden air entering into the primary filter chamber where it get deposited in a rotating disc & all notable size waste will be sucked by means of high pressure waste suction fan and fed into the compactor for compacting for further use. We offer less system resistance with best filtration.


The micro dust passing through the primary filter is filtered in the secondary filter by its unique concept. The secondary drum is rotating and cleaning nozzles are fixed on the outer side of the rotary drum It cleans the micro dust continuously from the secondary fabric, through a suction fan and ejects into the cyclone dust compactor.


Our centrifugal fans are well designed, analyzed and tested for higher efficiency which ensures the lowest power consumption and guaranteed high performance.

  • Single inlet & single width and double inlet and double width
  • Non-overloading impeller with backward inclined blades
  • Impellers are statically and dynamically balanced

Specially designed to separate the waste from the air collected at the machine, discharge of waste is in compact form and can be directly fed to the baling press. The exhaust air from the compactor is filtered through the secondary filter or cellar. The compacted waste can be collected in a separate bin.


In a modern spinning mill, fully integrated and automated waste management is not seen as a sophistication but as a basic need. We at ELGI ELECTRIC provide automatic and manual type bale presses to handle all types of waste which are generated in the mill. Our customized bale presses produces bales at your desired size and weight with maximum accuracy.


Elgi Electric brings you the technical know-how and expertise to undertake energy audits to cut-down energy costs and increase profitability. Take advantage of energy audits that save you Lakhs of rupees every year by merely updating or restructuring your machinery and working conditions.

Elgi Electric helps you design your factory for success. We understand your needs and help you plan and design plant layouts with appropriate machinery placement, that speak of comfort, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Prefabricated Air Washers

In the modern era of textile humidification, considering the high civil construction cost involved and long lead time taken
for construction, prefabricated air washers are the way to look forward as it saves cost and time.

We at Elgi Electric developed two types of air washer to suit the requirement of our customer. Our well designed efficient
air washer gives further more flexibility of relocation of the airwasher when and where required.


When the space availability is a constraint in humidification plant our exclusive mini air washers comes in handy as an economic solution for humidifying small air volumes with very less power consumption.

  • Ductable evaporating cooling system
  • No civil construction required
  • Suitable for lesser air volume requirement
  • Low energy consumption and highly efficient
  • Easy to use with very less maintenance
  • Easy installation and transferable to any location.
  • PUF insulated panels for Longer Life
  • Capacity: 10,000 CMH to 50,000 CMH and in multiples
  • No civil construction required.
  • High capacity Ductable Evaporative Cooling Systems.
  • Suitable for cooling large areas.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Less power consumption.
  • Made of galvanized steel frames of superior quality
  • PUF – Polyurethane foam in high density form used for insulation
  • High quality cellulose pad or spray nozzle for better saturation.
  • External V – filter in the inlet air.
  • Can be relocated to place of desire.
  • Multi stage airwasher systems can also be designed considering the process parameter.
  • Capacity: 50,000 CMH onwards

All textiles are hygroscopic. Hence, they absorb or release moisture depending on the relative humidity of the surrounding air. Reduction in the required Rh% in the department can reduce moisture gain equivalent to 4% of the final product weight, our specially designed humidification plants for the textile applications like Weaving shed, TFO, Knitting brings huge benefits by proper moisture regain.

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